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Druidism Ord na Druí
The Order of Gaelic Druids
L’Ordre des Druides Gaels.

The oldest known Spiritual Tradition of Pagan Ireland is Druidism; this is expressed today as Pagan Spirituality by members of Ord na Druí. This Order of Gaelic Druids promulgates native Gaelic Druidism in this island. We refer to this as the 'Path to the Light' and this may be understood as our expression or connection to Nature and to the primordial tradition that we call 'Slí an Druí' in our native language. Ord na Druí was founded in 2007.

Our understanding is that the native insular Druí never worshiped the Sun, Moon or the Planets but instead placed the highest importance in Truth, Integrity and Respect and Love. Acknowledging and expressing this is central to the Path of the Gaelic Druid for all members of our Order today. We must love life, honour the gods, do no evil, practice bravery, seek wisdom and walking our path - we must always have tolerance for others knowing right from wrong and speaking the Truth.

Ours is the spiritual world of Nature - of Sacred Fire and Living Water in the Three Realms - Sky, Sea and Land and of the Three Cauldrons - Warmth, Vocation and Knowledge. We honour the Old Gods at their ancient temples as our Gaelic Ancestors did and we hold Sacred Fire Ceremonies and Sweat Houses and Questing for inner transformation. The roots of this ancient tradition are in the oldest temples in this island where Druí still honour the Sun and Moon cycles with Ritual Ceremony “as Gaeilge”.
Declared Intention of Ord na Drui
The Order declares intention to preserve, protect and nurture our unique Gaelic Culture and Celtic Heritage - our native language, music, song and dance, traditional story telling, trades, crafts and skills, and to nurture interest in and respect for Nature, trees and animals in the natural world by our active involvement; this is Pagan Spirituality. The Source of all is seen and felt as the expression of the Gods and Goddess giving us the balance of opposites resulting in creation and growth.

The Eightfolds of the Sun Year as determined by the Quarters and Cross Quarters of a full cycle of the Zodiac and the Full and Dark Moons are celebrated with ritual ceremony aligned to sidereal time aka natural, sacred or Celtic Time. Our temples are all the sacred sites, holy wells and the ceremonial enclosures on this Island. All things are alive and have unique expression and this is acknowledged in our respect for all existence. This order is not a church and there is no worship or hierarchy or book of dogma on our Path. A Druí is one who has training and ability in the holding of Ceremony and who may specialize in other areas of service. A ‘Grove’ is a gathering of like-minded people meeting together in Circle to share, celebrate and heal. An Ard Druí is one who hosts / facilitates a Grove. Men and Women practice equally as Druí and many teach as well as offering healing, guidance and counseling. Many Druí honour the 'rights of passage' for birth, handfasting, marriage and death with a simple blessing ceremony and an attendant air of dignity. Some Druí may alternate between Solitary and Grove activities.
Membership of Ord na Drui
May be open to Ard Druí, Druí (Lightworkers) Druí Daltaí (male and female student Druí aligned to a Celtic Gaelic Path), Druí Fasach (Druid of Knowledge), Groves (gatherings of like minds seeking primordial connection), Students (researching truth), Apprentices (studying/learning with a Druí), Solitaries (personal connection to Source), Seekers (those seeking a teacher), Pathworkers (those who have walked to the Light), Shamans, Natural Healers and to others who express the Light in their own unique way. How you got here (i.e. your life story until now) is special but what you want to do next is much more important if you wish to become a member of Ord na Druí. To stay as a member you are required to help us all as an Order to make deeper connections in stronger ways.

There is one layer of membership for all members (incl. seekers) who are equal without leader but a ruling council of three called the Tribann exists. Membership of the Ord na Druí is at the discretion of the Tribann and continuing membership is dependent on following the Rule of the Order. The Tribann will be elected every year from the general membership, with each member being able to cast a vote for each of three places in the Tribann. There is no absolute right to join or to be a member forever or to be a member of the Tribann forever. Members may be expelled. You may not be a member of another Order etc (if you have taken an Oath to support the Rule of that Order) if you wish to be a member of Ord na Druí. There are no fees or annual subs or Committee / Minutes or Book of Law - there is only the intention of the Rule offering Truth. All members are equal agreeing to - (i) the Rule of the Order, (ii) attend Gatherings of the Order, (iii) to uphold the Intention and Spirit of this declaration, (iv) take and honour the Oath. The Oath may be taken at a private ceremony with other members of the Order on the day after the Dark Moon of Samhain, the first day of the Celtic New Year.
Rialacha an Ord na Druí (The Rule of the Gaelic Druid Order)
As Druí, we connect to Nature, we realize and express the truth of the primordial tradition and are committed to nurturing Pagan Spirituality. We honour the idea of Gods and Goddesses as the Source of all Creation. We celebrate the Gaelic Pagan Festivals on the cycles of the Sun and Moon. We acknowledge the inherent lifeforce in all things.

Updated Summer 2016
Mionn an Ord na Druí (Oath of the Gaelic Druid Order)
Code of Celtic Druidism

Love Life - Honour the Gods
Do no Evil - Practice Bravery
Seek Wisdom

órd na Druí Oath
As a member of órd na Druí, I ........... take this Sacred Oath before members of this Order declaring my intention to connect to, realize and express the truth of the primordial tradition. In taking this Sacred Oath I make a personal commitment to nurture Celtic Pagan Spirituality in myself and for others. I honour the idea of Gods and Goddesses as the Source of all Creation. I celebrate the Gaelic Pagan Festivals on the cycles of the Sun and Moon. I acknowledge the inherent lifeforce in all things. I honour Truth and respect Nature as the primary connection to the Source of All that exists. Shín é.

Samhain 2014

Ord na Druí oath taking


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