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Your Guides to the Celtic Path
We will guide you to express your Celtic Spirit by helping you to know and express the Sacred Knowledge and the Indigenous Spiritual Traditions of the Celtic Path. Connect to Nature and to our Ancestors, to the Three Realms, the Three Cauldrons and to Natural Time. We celebrate all Sun and Moon rituals and facilitate Rites of Passage: Naming and Welcoming, Coming of Age, Celtic Pagan Oath, Handfasting and Last Rites. Join us for Feile Crom Pagan Pilgrimage this Summer and for warrior games at Lughnasa. See our clearly defined training plan here
Ireland's Druidschool is the teaching part of the Celtic Druid Temple - CHY number 20684

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Our Campus provides a secure residential setting for this higher-self realization. We ask students to allow guides to help you to find the Path but to be sure to follow the Path and not the guide. This way - we can all have our own connection to the Gods as we walk our individual Paths. We honour (with ceremony in Irish) an Eightfold Solar Year and the cycles of the Moon with open ceremony here at Druidschool near Castlerea and at Tara.
Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danann as seen at Ireland's Druidschool

Please see our Celtic Druid Temple new website for our most up to date news. You can begin your Pathwork with us by visiting our new website and taking up annual membership with us.

Ireland's Druidschool, Candlefield, Castlerea, Co Roscommon, Eire.
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